30 Years Experience

Award winning producer of documentaries, specialist factual and factual entertainment (2 x RTS, 2 x Emmy and 1 x Critics' Choice). Highly experienced at developing projects, access, casting and producing  through to delivery. Works well with established presenters, experts and new talent.  Extensive experience of working collaboratively with broadcasters and commissioning editors in the UK and US. 




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Stanley Tucci Searching for Italy CNN 9pm raw TV

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Heathrow: Britain's Busiest Airport S5/6
ITV 8pm raw TV

The NHS- A People's History.jpg



The NHS: A People’s History

BBC4 9pm 7Wonder

The Fast Fix Diabetes Contributors.jpg


The Fast Fix: Diabetes

ITV1 9pm 7Wonder

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My F*****g Tourette's Family

C4 9pm 7Wonder

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Prejudice & Pride:

The People’s History of LGBTQ Britain 

BBC4 9pm 7Wonder 



Old School with the Hairy Bikers

BBC2 9pm Maverick



New Channel 3


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EVE KAY -  Executive Producer 

Stanley Tucci: Searching For Italy

6x60 for CNN 9pm Raw Factual US 2021

Stanley travels the peninsula to discover the secrets and delights of Italy's regional cuisines. 

Heathrow: Britain's Busiest Airport

12x30 for ITV1 8pm Raw FactualUK 2019

Behind the scenes look at what the staff at Heathrow do inside 'the city within a city.'

Girls on Girls 

6x25 for BBC iPlayer Little Gem 2019

For the #MeToo generation what does it mean to be a woman and a feminist? 

Five very different women try each others lifestyles to find out.

The NHS: A People’s History 

3x60 for BBC4 9pm 7Wonder 2018

Presented by Alex Brooker, we look back at seven decades of the NHS, rediscovering its loftiest ideals - and dirtiest secrets.

The Fast Fix: Diabetes

2x60 for ITV1 9pm 7Wonder 2018

Type 2 Diabetes is Britain’s biggest health emergency and costs the NHS £13 billion pounds a year, nearly 10% of the entire NHS budget. Can a radical liquid-only diet save lives and the NHS?


My F***ing Tourette’s Family 

1x60 for Channel 4 9pm 7Wonder 2018

The Davies-Monk family rarely go out because both their sons suffer from tic attacks due to Tourette’s Syndrome. But after six years at home they have taken the brave decision to step outside. 


Prejudice & Pride: The People’s History of LGBTQ Britain 

2x60 for BBC4 9pm for BBC’s Gay Britannia Season 7Wonder 2017

Presented by Susan Calman and Stephen K Amos, this series charts the loves, lives and struggles from 1967 to today via people's personal possessions. Episode 1 was nominated for a Broadcast Digital Award for Best Single Documentary.

My Kitchen Rules UK 

30x60 for Channel 4 7Wonder, 2016

Amateur home cooks battle it out to create restaurant standard dishes for judges Prue Leith and chef Michael Caines. 


Old School with The Hairy Bikers

3x60 for BBC2 9pm Maverick 2016

The Hairy Bikers introduce 12 troubled teenagers in a struggling school to 12 lonely pensioners from the local community in a bold social experiment.


Revenge Porn 

1x60 for Channel 4 10pm TiFiNi 2015

Anna Richardson poses for nude selfies in her extraordinary quest to uncover the truth about revenge porn on the dark web. 


Obsessive Compulsive Cleaners: Country House Rescue 

4x60 for Channel 4 8pm betty 2015

This hit brand extension of Obsessive Compulsive Cleaners was re-commissioned for a second series.


Married at First Sight

3x60 for Channel 4 9pm CPL Productions 2014

Development Executive

This ambitious series was a legal minefield, attracting headlines, 1.7 million viewers and was re-commissioned. 


Undercover Doctor: Cure Me I’m Gay 

1x60 for Channel 4 9pm Optomen 2014

Presented by Dr Christian Jessen, the film investigated the 'gay cure' industry and exposed it's shams and cons.  


Kevin McCloud’s Manmade Home S2 

4x60 for Channel 4 8pm Optomen 2013

Kevin's seaside shed adventure up-cycling other people's rubbish.



Obsessive Compulsive Cleaners S1

6x60 for C4 8pm betty 2012

Debut episode won 2.7 million viewers, the highest rated launch show for three years on C4. Went to five series and several spin-offs. Described by Jay Hunt as ‘resetting the agenda at 8pm’. 


My Big Fat Fetish 

1x60 Cutting Edge for Channel 4 10pm betty 2012

Trended worldwide on Twitter, won 1.9m viewers and increased the slot average by 43%



Beauty and the Beast S2

4x60 for C4 8pm betty 2012


The World’s Strictest Parents S4

8x60 for BBC3 9pm TwentyTwenty 2011


The World’s Strictest Parents S3

Series Editor 

10x60 for BBC3 9pm Twenty Twenty 2010

I re-cut 6/10 episodes, including the New Jersey gay Dad's episode, which won an International Emmy. 



Kids in Care 

1x60 Panorama Special for BBC1 9pm Films of Record 2010

Watched by 3.7 million viewers, this won the RTS Award for Best Current Affairs film. Nominated for a BAFTA. 


Millionaire and the Murder Mansion 

1x60 Cutting Edge for C4 Films of Record 2010

A disturbing film about Chris Foster's murder of his wife, daughter, animals and himself. 



The Child Protectors

1x30 Panorama for BBC1 Films of Record 2009

Post Baby P, what do child protection social workers actually do day to day? 



May Contain Nuts 

1x30 Panorama for BBC1 Films of Record 2009

Quentin Letts won 3.9 million viewers with his unique take on health and safety buffoonery.